Concierge Services

we keep your boat clean and running smoothly.
leave the dirty work to us!


It’s right here at the Roosevelt Lake Marina!

Our friendly concierge staff knows what you’re here for. You want to maximize your fun time on Roosevelt Lake! So, if you want us to launch or retrieve your boat, just ask! Need help with jobs like boat jump starts, tank pump outs, or battery servicing? We’re on it!

Need your boat towed or salvaged? We’ll be right out! Our complete list of services is below.

Boat Launch and Recovery

$20 Round trip / $10 One Way (Sail Boats and Larger Vessels, the price may vary)

Overfilled Tanks

$50 Additional Fee plus applicable charges

Boat Jump Start

$15 Per Hour

Fork Lift Service

(Includes Fork Lift Operator to perform services) $150 Per Hour

Battery Servicing

(May include R and R of Batteries, Servicing H2O Levels, Charging Batteries and/ or Load Testing of Batteries.)
$75 Per Hour

Boat Towing & Lake Run

(this includes one boat operator to tow vessel back to its berth or area requested)
$125 Per Hour

Salvage Pumping of Boat

$50 Per Hour / Additional Fee

Work Barge: Boat Salvage

$300 Per Hour / Additional Fee

Holding Tank Pump Outs

$27.50 First Tank / $20 Each Additional Tank plus applicable charges